Hidden Symbolism


Whose opinions differ is a fool.
Telling it, yelling it, screaming, shouting, everything is cruel.

It's the one thing that you missed, now it's haunting you.

Stretching far the outer layer, lies in lairs, watching,
waiting for you, know it's coming.

You won't stop the bricks, clock ticks out, you run inside, terrified.
Stolen, hiding from the event horizon. No use in trying.

And you crawl in fear that the worst is near,
yet you wanna know. You won't take no placebo.

Never should've asked. If I knew I'd pass.
All the things to forget, every moment, every step.

There's no going back,
no going back down the track.
Do yourself a favour,
make a wish and cut the cord.

It all seems natural,
the way it comes is pitiful.

I never thought of it.

Drag, drag, listen up,
it's on my mind a lot.
When I see, when I sense,
it kicks me, it's immense.

I know, I know I asked,
it's not a test,
I thought you're something more.
I thought you're something more than me.

But you are only just like me.